Getting a new puppy can be a fun and exciting time in you and your family’s life. However, puppies can wreak havoc in your household if they are not properly trained and disciplined when they are first brought home. It’s wonderful if you have access to a professional dog trainer or if you can take your puppy to classes, but if you’re ready to begin home training your pup, here are some great puppy training tricks and tips to get started. Keep in mind, these can be done alongside any professional training help you might have as well.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward your puppy when they do something good. Either give them a treat or praise them when they engage in good behavior, and they will want to continue to do more of what you want. Often times this can work better than harsh punishment when they do something wrong.

Bite Inhibition

Bite inhibition is important for your puppy to learn when they are young. It teaches them to control the pressure they use with their mouth when biting. When you’re playing with your pup and he starts biting you to a point it is painful, quickly take your hand away and yelp or say “Ouch!” so that your pup knows he is playing too rough. Gentle biting when they are pups is okay at this point, but when it starts to hurt is when you need to let them know that the biting is not okay. Repeat this behavior and stay consistent with this training.


It’s important to start socializing your puppy right away. Begin introducing your pup to other animals and people. Allow your puppy to have some playtime with other puppies. Get them out and about and let them explore new places when they’re young so they’re used to going new places when they’re adults.

Set a Routine/Schedule

Establish a routine for your pup. Feed them and take them out to potty at the same times every day. Take them on a walk (or walks) around the same time every day. Wake them up and put them to sleep at the same times every day well. It is important to stay consistent with this so that they get used to being on a schedule.

Be Patient and Stay Consistent

Remember, your puppy is just a baby after all. Try not to get mad or yell at them too much. No matter how well-behaved your puppy is, they’re still a puppy! They have a lot of energy and they like to play and rebel. Accidents happens, and sometimes they might pee or poop on your carpet. Try not to scold them too much for this. Training takes time, and as long as you are consistent in following these puppy training tricks, you will have a happy and healthy well-trained member of the family in no time.